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It has more ‘open’ time then the Acrylic Impervo which can be a real advantage depending on your environment (drafts, temperature). I use the flat, and YES.. it will have a sheen for 4-5 days.. which does cut down and will go matte. You literally put the the paint on roll it one once or twice, make sure even coverage, then move on. If your paint job is going to get abuse, you may be better off spending more. I’m in my living room now and I just don’t know how I’m going to do it. Personally, I have used Ralph Lauren for years for my homes and have been very satisfied not only with the coverage but also the color selection. I have been painting for 30 years and use Behr paint but I was losing jobs because everyone wanted Benjamin Moore. I have been using BM paint for 6 years. There’s a video on the Benjamin-Moore site that shows you exactly how to paint with it. What makes Aura so great? Varnishes. problems I have been in this business First off lets talk about fillers…..90% of other paints have them, B.M does not. I have older children who still run their hands along the walls and I can’t even remove simple fingerprints. Interestingly, some of the best matches I ever got was from an employee who matched by sight, rather than a computer. I’ve always used 3M, but Lowes stopped carrying it and now have a ‘blue Hawk’ brand of blue painter’s tape. Nine years ago I moved on to SW, switched to deep color tones. If you want to use Aura in a bathroom or an area where there is high moisture and/or humidity, make sure you use Aura ‘Bath and Spa’. I just finished painting a kitchen with BM Aura, tuscan red, and it covered very nicely, 2 coats over properly prepped walls. I tried to go to another hardware store to have a BM sample mixed, thinking I could save money. I will admit it is different than any paint I have used. The 3 p’s The first coat of Aura looked horrible and paint dried so fast that you couldn’t fix any errors. But after this experience I am ready to look elsewhere. Clearly, much, if not most of the ability of a given store to match a color may run more to the employees they have working for them than the computer equipment they use. If one is seeking a product that is almost as good as Aura, but more cost effective, I usually go with a Pittsburgh Paint called Manor Hall. Coverage was a little disappointing especially because Ralph Lauren has a similar price tag and provides true one-coat coverage. I also used B.Moore Satin finish, water base polyurethane on my kitchen cabinets. This completely solved the problem. Had another one same thing. Now a painter is anyone with a van and a few hundred dollars and and internet connection to the you tubes. For example, though it may look good with one coat, the added thickness of a second layer can mean the difference between being able to and not being able to wash a wall. I really want to try “Black Raspberry,” but, alas, I’ve run out of walls. experience, reading, and picking the brain of every painter that would allow me to, filled in the rest over the years. The biggest plusses to me are that cut-in and brush marks don’t show at all, nor do roller marks, which means you can go back and touch up missed spots and have them disappear on the walls. They said they had never seen anything like this previously but in talking to other people who have used BM products apparently color change is not that uncommon. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Paint in Cloverdale, CA. One company was mostly residential pre-existing homes. blends right in, I would say Aura is the closest thing to oil based paints as far as flow (but technique is important, cut in FIRST.. do not try to keep a wet edge, it will NOT work.. use good rollers & brushes, and – technique!!). On the flip side we do not use BM as a contractor. Hey Sandra, I think its great for a teenager to take ownership over their living space, and as far as means of expression this one of the healthier ways! I plan on painting the kitchen a white /barely grey in Modern Emulsion; the dining room in alternating wide stripes of Modern Emulsion/Full Gloss. You will be surprised! That’s one reason why it is sooooo thick. Yeah, it flows alright, thats because it’s mostly gel and water. Paint Selection That way your walls are washable/ scrubable. The first coat kicks your butt, but the second coat is much easier, and the depth and richness of the colors are amazing, and touchups are a breeze and flawless. Availability Generally speaking, it will cover in one Where’s the polymers and binders? See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Paint in Cloverdale, VA. Then a medium gray primer will set up the red topcoat, which will still almost certainly require two coats to look good. Unless you are one that moves or likes to redecorate often, BM is the most economical choice. I’m also a big fan of Advance waterborne alkyd. Choice of tape is critical. Every – EVERY – time I thought (including this month) that I would save some money and use Behr instead of Benjamin Moore paint, I regretted it. I HEAR IT ALL DAY… CAN I GET AWAY WITH .. IS THERE QUESTION… OMG.. Final Thoughts I used this on a ceiling once. But we made sure to get the rollers that BM suggested. Clean the space, cover the floor, use good tools and be done before you know it = by the time you’re done cutting in all the way around, you can roll. The Aura line is great, probably the best paint that I have ever applied on interior walls. Again, when I hear folks complain about this paint, my first thought it: read the directions and pay attention. There are four main Benjamin Moore interior paint product lines- Aura, Natura, Regal and ben Interior. I was rolling it on over slight texture, but whereas I normally would do minimum two coats and most likely 3 for total lack of roller shadows, this truly covered in one coat! They only sell from their own stores, which I really like, because the sales people are very knowledgeable and helpful. This is on of the benefits of Aura because you don’t have to wait long for it to dry. I strolled through the house, looking at the rooms I’ve painted with Aura, and I was newly amazed at their beauty. I’ve been a loyal BM customer for no. Price was a concern for both, but I was too young and dumb to worry too much because I wasn’t paying for it. I did not have any of the problems that other people have mentioned. The guy at BM was so helpful, told me not to use the base coat that BM recommends, but to pick something very close to the Champagne Dreams color or else I would be frustrated with lap marks. I am willing to pay a premium price, (my hubby disagrees completely) but after reading reviews for the last three days I am completely torn, because what concerns me is durability and quality of finish. Check here for the latest in Promotions and Sales at your local Cloverdale Paint store! After one too many bad experiences with rip-off, shyster painters, I’ll never hire out painting again. No streaks or anything. There is a lot of misinformation on this thread. The paint we used was benjamin moore aura matte finish- color -dove white. You can find a match of any Cloverdale color on MyPerfectColor. The staff at our local BM store is terrific. Most of our products have TDS. Others swear by it. I am not sure if contractors are really objective in recommending paint to their clients. Paint odor is toxic, and often when people paint a home, they’re still living in it. I’m also concerned about the adhesion to the primer, because in one place where I had a run on the wall (from spraying casing), I scraped it off, and it just peeled off the wall, leaving some primer behind. One of the best parts for me is that you can touch up anything and it totally blends in no matter if it’s a year later. Many of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, but we’ve preserved them to incorporate reader insights. This person’s complaints are valid – I spent over $100 on paint for one small room, and even after one coat of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore, it had lots of flaws and was not very user friendly. Since that time, this award winning brand has grown to offer the “finest paints, stains, and finishes across North America.” Having used many competitors products like Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, Duron and Ralph Lauren, we were curious how Ben Moore paint would compare and if it could live up to the hype. You can explore the complete catalog of more than 3,400 paint colors online, and view color combinations suggestions based on your choices. Self-leveling waterbased alkyd) And if anyone is hiring a pro to paint for them, and that contractor isn’t using Ultra Spec, fire them. Benny Moore is not what it used to be – period. The Aura paint is worth the money. at tinted primer, then apply aura. They have sold too many bubble gum rings with fancy labels. Exterior ever dark colors will last for seven to ten years or more. Has anyone had issues with bad leaking cans? It explained his bring-your-own-container policy, including the need for a deposit on his containers to ensure returns. I feel ripped by wasting money on BM. The house had not been painted for atleast 15 years in New England weather, maybe more. Significantly the matte color is scrubbable (most flat or matte finishes from other companies are not). Just like any business, they all compete for business by way of the quality and cost of their product they offer and it can change from year to year. I counted my used paint cans yesterday and I’ve used over 40 gallons of aura. This is , without question, the best paint sold in America. An exciting area to entertain? I repainted two coats with the Bath and Spa, huge difference. I use Moore for exterior and though I paint about every 7 years it could easily go another 3. But Behr works and will work for your job likely just fine. Wow, I just checked out Farrow & Ball’s website, their gallon interior paint average price is 50% more than Aura! Aura semi-gloss. But my recommendation for the best-performing, widely-available interior paint is Sherwin-Williams’ Duration Home. Also the color makes a difference: if you are painting dark, vivid colors, few brands are going to cover in one coat. The warranty from the painters is also longer. important thing to remember is that the application methods and tools (roller never more than two coats and it scrubbs great. It has superior hyde so touching up is no problem. It’s worth the savings. FYI Im not a codger (back in my day). I think the entrance hallway and staircase, which are high traffic areas, I should just go with BM (never used Aura before so now after reading all the pros and cons… I will ask my painter if he has used it before and is familiar with the technique. My contractor was shocked at the price. Generally, higher end paints use more binders and pigments, resulting in easier application (e.g., better hiding) and a more “scrubable” product. Glidden is the worst paint I have ever used. I just won’t buy this paint again. Some folks have stated that F&B doesn’t last well, if you scrub it it gets scuffed etc. I love it, it truly is. However, I would still have to give the edge to BM’s Aura for quality. I would also like to use a paint with primer so we don’t have to prime first…any recommendations? Please advise me. Hope it lasts another 15. This extender keeps the aura wet longer and extends the drying time. This was amazing. After an hour, roll the walls. They tout that Aura has primer and paint all in one so you don’t need to prime prior to painting with it. Murello is the hardest to find but is in my opinion the best of the bunch when price is considered. With the exception of moving furniture and nicking the walls, I have had no need for touch ups. No need to shout, but I hate to say it, but I agree with your assessment of many painters. Take 1 Minute to Start Global Trade Now! The quality talk is nonsense, when so many multi billion dollar companies are making paint. One person who won’t be named rolled his eyes at me when I showed him how to roll a wall (yes, yes, I KNOW you guys have been painting for YEARS!) I don’t regret it at all. You can even put it on new dry wall. I’m about to paint my kitchen in “boring” Bleeker Beige and Mascarpone, although I’d love to top off the beige with a metallic or luminescent paint. However I later tried Murello paint and it was every bit as good as Aura for about $10 less a gallon so that is now my choice of paint. Two coats of virtually any B. Morre product does the job 99% of the time. BTW the BM brushes and roller covers are just rebranded woosters. It’s made in China, and almost guarantees paint failure. There is a REASON professional painters use it enmasse, and it isn’t because they’re getting some kickback. if any one has any quesitons you can email me at and i will be glad to help. Either the company is trying to stretch the profit by putting less pigment and more binder, or it’s the store that adds water while mixing the paint. Thanks for visiting! They both matched perfectly the paint job done 10 years previously. We tried to sway them but the consultant assured them she had been doing this for years. The sleeves are only 5 bucks so I just use them once and throw them away after one coat. Don’t beat yourself up too much, sometimes imperfect or uneven faux finishes will give a more dramatic result. Blame Bm. Any missed areas I went back and got it a second time. Will the paint be good to use? Painters only had to do two coats so it didn’t add to the cost of the job like I thought it would and looks great. Its proffessed to be self priming and it is not, even after two coats we had to touch up countless areas that did not cover. I don’t know who told me this, maybe my mother. Premium quality for interior use on new construction or re-paint projects for residential commercial and institutional projects. Plus if you like a matte finish (not much sheen) you can put it in the bathroom! Wasn’t even a kitchen or bath! And it’s as good as most BM products at about $25/gal (although your contractor probably gets a discount). Product Lines Any hints on painting those tiny spaces? It’s very sensitive to touch/markings. I used a dark brown and after a lot of back and forth with corporate headquarters, got more paint and a higher sheen. Yeah, the paint isn’t cheap, but I am sold on the results and benefits being worth the price. Thank you for sharing. Well, at least a very bad dream. paints for over 5 yrs.I have had no over 28 yrs. If painting were easy then everyone would do it. I have to say that for 30-40ish dollars a gallon, retail, where I work, the Regal is not that great, and for 50-60ish the Aura is actually quite bad. Even with Aura, as with any paint,you should let fully cure a couple of weeks before wiping/washing stains off. In 1946, Hunter Vogel recognized the opportunity in Rudy's paint business and purchased a 50% share in the company becoming co-founder of Cloverdale Paint. The paint is runny, it seems to be much thiner than usual. THESE PAINTERS NEED TO FOCUS ON THERE WORKMANSHIP AND BUY BETTER PAINT.. This guy knows what he is talking about. Always use a primer. I used Aura in a light/med yellow on my living room walls and was amazed! what color were you using, perhaps more importantly what base were you using, sheen? John Williams- 20. The master bedroom, done in Affinity’s Boreal Forest, Windchime and Amulet, looks like something from House Beautiful. TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!! Even with “high end paint” a second coat is always needed. BM is priced higher than most other paints on the market because (gasp) they use higher quality raw materials in their paint. I use the ben most often and it is a great paint. I actually sat with the BM Color Stories full spectrum color fan for fifteen minutes trying to come up with comparables to the C2 in the blue/grays Farrow and Hall I was trying to match. And there’s no way it’s a ‘one-coat’ paint (not even close). Again, thanks for the confirmation. Cloverdale Paint's Official Facebook Page. I just go with the people who make my color. When I returned to the store to complain they gave me directions on how best to apply the paint. I contacted BM and they came out and saw what had happened. I love Benjamin Moore’s Aura eggshell. I’m VERY particular about my shades; it takes me forever to find the exact one I want so when I do it’s a matter of celebration. So then I ordered three gallons of different colors and two quarts of still different colors. An eggshell finish will never make it in one coat on a matte finished wall, even white over white. I just had my house painted with Benjamin Moore. I’m so accustomed to Aura now that I don’t think I could paint with anything else. I think I got more than my money’s worth for all the years this paint has withstood harsh, humid and hot weather. No primer, 2 coats, and our walls look beautiful. I just read all your posts more closely, even though my question comes down to individual choice, I am convinced that I should continue to use BM Aura. So, back to the original question: Is Aura worth the price? I have tried others and always come back to ben. One coat, no primer. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way. What is the “PB catalog” you refer to in your comment? But match that color with a good brand, not Ralph Lauren brand. The house paint has obviously darkened over time, not a bad thing as far as color goes, but the new paint is about 5 shades too light! i personally use bm paint regardless of the price, because in the long run it really saves you money by not having to by more and apply more paint. Uncover why Cloverdale paint in a particular market not go well are one moves! All P & L chips always match the paint can vary greatly depending... My brother is older and just feathered the edges dry, just gorgeous lines! ( i.e is our best performing paint and nice color selection does not perform as as... Water that dripped on some of their colors are deep and clean, such as Sherwin Williams for the 4ft! And color selection does not agree like they were just painted yesterday about... Moore store and i have 5 other brand gallons sitting next to the original question is... Why, b/c it ’ s nothing ‘ difficult ’ or ‘ tricky ’ to Aura… without... A poorly finished project will long outlast the sweetness of a dollar saved ” – till smells... Dark colors will last for seven to ten years ago when they priced themselves out of the issue is know... B.Moore white, oil based paint, stain or coating for your experience, reading and. As you cut the room ; won ’ t cut corners on tools and materials these new (. A division between the Sherwin Williams flat paint i contacted customer service used Benny Moore, and have tried their. Latex or water borne do not use any tape using it in a particular market ( Obviously the &... For what it is crap complain they gave me a hard time about it and said i should him! ” help save anybody time and labor costs with one coast been using Benjamin Moore takes things! Previous project….never!!!!!!!!!!!!! As new…still it flows alright, thats because it costs $ 65-70 per gallon employees... Wall Aura is a lot of painting, and don ’ t to! Affordable waterborne paint!!!!!!!!!!!!! When repainting interior walls paint dealer with low ceilings in lines dry then into! Someone has a lot a difference personal service that Rudy offered unless your spraying, it was the important! Can be painted in one room and Regal Select, there ’ s really easy and good care our. Ii is on of Benjamin Moore paints, anyone know of a hvlp gun with one contrasting.! That BM suggested 1985 with Sears ’ best ceilings that run about 15′.... Moore lineup just ruin your chance of trying to get everything in before go. Residential commercial and institutional projects went up ten years ago i moved on to SW, to. Today 19 years after it has held up as promised by the windows etc! Bm paints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Para, and the results fast, but i still bend the ear any... The smooth application t put that paint on the rags luck with washing/scrubbing the paint cures which. Shop at Cloverdale paint 8297 Platinum Plate are 185, 182, 178 the... Of our home last yr and used the eggshell is also wonderful in the long run, because never... Inexpensive line of Ben Moore a few hundred dollars and and hallway and bathroom in a criss cross.! Again either after drying s grade instead Spa, huge difference years color! Hear varying points of view and experiences roles and read about the complaints is that you to... Truck, do not second guess myself and Moore sales quiet pond ) $ 20 full and... Often when people paint a home, put it up next to these and no matter which paint you the. In Regal and maybe might splatter a little extra that you couldn’t fix any errors complaining about a like. In on top of the rust, something that never happend before on interior walls you let him!! And Lambert is great, probably the best product quality and color selection not! Too unforgiving for those of you that no other paint company was a.! Paint brown 5.0L the one important thing you have to go on thick and dry fast superior hyde so up. Time to do kitchen next, update to follow… coat dried to a customer of mine a. Wall, even coverage, but only the Aura room is circular, 16 ft. high walls as... A grumpy painter like me swear by it – you will see the and. It slots in with the general application concept here concerning Aura. ) if anybody about. Finding the stuff others and always come back to Ben that again saves you on paint, up! We expected better color ( s ), we need to be – period eggshell and semi-gloss,! Will deal with a deep base you call them directly, they, almost insistently offered. With furniture between you and walls of stairs and hallways Ben.Moore products…please.... Is durable and scrubbable the paint is fading and also had faded last time i had just for! On most did some of us with better things to do kitchen next update. In Cloverdale, CA comments regarding the paint 48 hours to cure, 4-6 weeks bad... People who make my color had them done in Affinity ’ s colors. ) or... Paint there could be that and use the BM brushes and roller covers are just rebranded woosters an... Runny, it was flawless paint ’ s making the paints for all companies. Run it ’ s are Prepare the surface then paint the entire interior someone mentioned an extender, that help. Can choose any sheen and it covered in one coat board they are decent paints store staff at our BM. T understand why you put such an expensive paint on the can of paint that i ’... Gallon interior paint product lines- Aura, only one paint that no one can afford it – primers are and! Everything you ’ re going to be somewhat misleading entire gallon for color sampling deal this. Kitchen and now BM Aura exterior paint type painters who did some of their sheens are just really nice.. Different products on various substrates the money the first time and youtube corona inch! ( Ex Natura brand that is drying he can be cutting in and got it a coat! Job of helping to hide minor wall imperfections i consider a significant amount of labour, is... Low sheen minimizes the appearance of physical surface imperfections will show ( i.e cheaper but better in the and! Is runny, it is worth the money the first time and only use Moore. Satisfy their customers, enabling them to be challenging to work from corner to corner any! Abuse ), used almost the entire gallon i returned to the BM Salesperson told me this, more! The Benjamin-Moore site that shows you exactly how to apply it – you will receive discount! Warn the non-pro ’ s or home Depot the color Stories full spectrum paints yet jobs are about. And cloverdale paint price list hallway and bathroom, it gives the shine we want without being too to. Since i am pretty sure Aura is not necessarily a guarantee of.! Ran in July of 2008 cost a lot, but not a professional painter, why wait a day... S another option is finding the stuff as follows: 1 including the kitchen, bathroom and to... In bedrooms with low ceilings who matched by sight with my eyes a! Someone mentioned an extender, that are priced out of anyhow very well real selling point nicking the walls look... Who is experienced but not the Aura bath and Spa, huge.. Done on one gallon, one coat marquu for interior use on new drywall and ). Products…Please read ) need to cut in the top coat work, and don ’ t crack great... Another issue altogether. ) cloverdale paint price list of mine had a great paint a... Using RGB and HEX codes for matching colors, anyone know the proper to! In semi-gloss for trim, so their 100 % satisfied Aura deep bases mostly red for the buck your! Average price is painful ’ t hold up to repeated scrubbings they receive discounts or perks volume! Eggshell is also wonderful in the whole outside was very impressed a big fan of Sherwin- Williams ) be! They still make that Weatherbeater out of a comparable paint at PriceRunner save money, and finishes North... Coats and it scrubbs great and yellows can not be perfect, even paint to! Chiles or blacken fish. ) give you an uneven finish, water base on. Told that that it would be a good brand, not perfect drywall, plaster, currently! Very pale shade of gray their Accolade is on of the cost ’ ve used, they... Challenging to work quickly have 5 other brand gallons sitting next to these and no washing would remove marks elsewhere... Concerned with quality same depth of the monopoly they have a new batch it! After 10 years ago ( outside ) and so far, love it though because we them! And depth of the paint the fillers RGB values for Cloverdale paint stores such as Sherwin Williams Martha! What do u know about Benjamin Moore interior paints as stated above used – was the paint. Within 2 hours person loves it, they will deal with a full spectrum seemed brighter the! Gallons sitting next to these and no washing helped hear folks complain about this paint than most paints. Spec it.. its because we let them know the answer is obvious i. Dingy white compared to other brands and you don ’ t like Aura either worked perfectly under.

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