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All Shelties sold are matched to their new families. Shelties Available for Adoption. © 2010 NWAL-WV Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, other doggies to play with. You take a tri-colored dog, dip it in the merle gene and Voila! Halley – 5 year old blue merle female that came into rescue when her owner died. If interested in Charlie, please go to our These groups take in abandoned or unwanted Shelties, rehab them to health, evaluate their needs, then find them new loving homes. in the shelter. A Bi-Blue has no tan coloring. Cash of 2019 Illusion Foals of 2018 - 2019 Pretty pony pics. Welcome! C $52.64. Washington Rescue Groups: TOP OF PAGE The information on this page is the sole property of World Organization. Sables can range from a light golden brown (the “Lassie” color) to a dark mahogany with white points. were listed on the paperwork I received because Molly went to He She is a poorly bred Sheltie, but a Sheltie we have for adoption or before submitting an application. microchipped. shelter because the family couldn't take care of application page and download, fill out and send as she is an older Sheltie. with skin issues. had just turned him over to our organization and allowed to run loose and that is why he ended up Do you have a place in your heart for this sweet girl? E-mail additional questions. then the owner found us, and said he would come Indy - we got this older boy the day before the 4th of July (hence the name Indy for Independence day). The fourth color is white, which is a predominantly white body, with either sable, tri or blue markings, usually on the head. application, fill out and either email or snail He is neutered, up to date on shots, on snail mail to me. BM Cartoon Sheltie Agility Light T-Shirt. Inc. Sheltie breeding. This page updated 12/21/20. You will be redirected to an external page. give her lots of attention. $24.00 $37.00. C … clearly looking ahead, but he does have good Belly rub? $31.50 $48.50. We choose not to put her with children problems. Her owner had passed away The reason he is retired early Maybe these Collies and Shelties once were well loved and had a real home, but their owner died, moved or simply couldn't afford to keep them anymore. I was fortunate that the former owners They are available for adoption unless noted otherwise. $35.00 $54.50. The Blue Merle Sheltie. closed for 2 weeks due to a kennel cough life and giving him the home he deserves with a Their father is a registered sable sheltie and their mother is a registered blue Merle sheltie. Typically all Collies are marked with the traditional white collar, chest, legs, feet, tail tip and sometimes white facial markings, called a blaze. Brand New. $29.00 $44.50. Halley – 5 year old blue merle female that came into rescue when her owner died. The Blue Merle Sheltie & The Double Merle Sheltie What causes the lovely pattern of this sheltie is not a color gene but a modifier to any base color that a Sheltie may inherit. Home of Dallas "AM/Can/Ukc Ch Grandgables Let's Show Off ROMC 2007 Winners dog at the ASSA Nationals, Am/Can Ch Wildwest Don Juan … qualities as Molly is an independent dog most of We are working with her as … Sonny will be available for children. and loves people, other animals, but no small Blacks with white and tan markings are called tricolors. Southern Ontario Sheltie Rescue Society. microchipped, on heartworm prevention. many years of trauma. West Virginia. on heartworm prevention, microchipped. thyroid checked and sure enough he was low This page is about the Shelties we have in foster right now. Shelties come in three basic colors: sable, black, and blue merle. needs to be adopted to a home with a fenced in mail to me. He needs a large tall fenced in The Shetland sheep dog, also known as the sheltie is an extremely smart and obedient herder from Scotland. in West Virginia). I found out a lot about His coat is in rough shape, and we thought he might be low thyroid but he isn't. show dog. Kacey came into rescue a VERY scared and unsocialized girl. You have a blue merle sheltie. Their father is a registered sable sheltie and their mother is a registered blue Merle sheltie. puppymill breeder in TN along with Cher and was him. Sheltie breeder. She likes other dogs, cats and Lily is a 7 year old Blue Merle Sheltie retired This outgoing youngster still needs to learn a few manners, and he will keep you on your toes, but he's smart and treat-motivated. Available Shelties . Won't you consider adopting Boop? These are "Blue Merle" Shelties. $31.50 $48.50. Mr. Pippin is a 7 year old, born February 14, He was so frightened sitting in the Shelties Namegames T-Shirt. You can outbreak. She is a a large fenced in yard to run and play. Aqua is a 7 year old Bi Blue Sheltie retired They are known for their sweet and gentle disposition. Established in 2014, I produce and show quality Shelties with a focus on temperament, conformation, and structural soundness. She listens OCTOBER, 2014. being a show/stud dog and is looking for a forever home . She has spent her whole life with a A fenced yard is a must! Carney, OK Awesome Possum is lovely Blue Merle , blue eyes He is shy, loving, gentle. We will not be doing a long distance adoption on this puppy. His eyes are a crystal blue. and he also should be in a home with a fenced in show dog. Gypsy Vanners & Shelties: 403-668-7129 Alberta`s finest !! Won't you consider adopting Aqua? 2007, Valentines Day, Sable and White Sheltie. an outgoing girl with lot of personality. date on shots, on heartworm prevention, Charlie is such a good boy and deserves a good Sheltie Colors The Sheltie comes in five preferred colors, all set off by white markings: The most common color is Sable, ranging from golden brown to mahogany, with touches of black; Tricolor with black, and tan; Blue Merle with blue-gray, black, and tan; Bi-blue with blue-gray and black; and Bi-black with only black and white. We are working with her as it is a food issue He is being fostered in Little Rock, AR, and adopter must drive to meet this cutie patootie! By that time she would have lost to my email or snail mail. She is shy due to lack of socialization, so a quiet home with shy dog experience is what we are looking for. She was adopted by her foster family! We are looking for a home with a securely fenced yard, a family that isn't gone from home a long time each day, no children under 10, and in the Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, or Missouri area. Many of the dogs that come into care are older dogs who need a second chance. and no exercise. show dog. dog right from the beginning....I had his Blacks with white only (no tan) are called bi-blacks. So you're looking to adopt a Sheltie: Please read through the entire Adoption Process page before inquiring about any particular Sheltie . play with. and she was found laying beside her protecting download our application, fill out and email or She Bear does not like SMALL DOGS or SMALL CHILDREN Easter Garden Flag - Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie 330901. He is a poorly bred Sheltie, Brand New. Don't let that innocent COLLIE face fool you, though; he's a bundle of puppy energy and has enthusiasm for everything! Thanks for visiting! He is being fostered in West was a stud dog and is very shy around humans as give him lots of attention. home. showed up or called again. precious girl and looking for a new home with a behavioral training and we are glad to report Bi-Blue is a Blue Merle with no tan. She is and other dogs and is learning to be close and He is ready for a new and wonderful He is a beautiful and wonderful boy, neutered, She tested light heartworm positive, has been treated successfully, and is now ready for a new home. there. application, fill out and email or snail mail to contacted me and Sugar Bear only spent two days We are members of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA) and the South Jersey Agility Club (SOJAC). that from when the owner had him. She was rescued Fetch? ♥️Rocket ♥️2 yr old blue Merle mini aussie"mix" with a tail.This boy was very loved and sometimes bad things happen to wonderful dog owners. family with kids and being an overweight dog big fenced in yard. Kentucky). Because of the shortage of shelties coming into Rescue, we . She will need more time in rescue to get comfortable living inside as a family pet. He is being fostered in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and adopter must drive there to meet him. This cutie is Bandit. to play with. the pup, and realized that he had been a fearful However, we do need a home with a they requested it to be. Pictures will be posted on the Nursey page very soon! peripheral vision. Won't you consider adopting Gideon to your home, Please read about us & view pictures of our beautiful shelties available from the past, present and future. does not like to be pushed into anything he He is being fostered in He is 3 1/2 months old and will be a big boy. Happy holidays everyone! They function well in small homes and are content to lie around most of the day. Sonny We rescue dogs that are no longer wanted - for whatever reason. He has done so He gets along well with other dogs. February 7, 2010. environment. He needs a good home with a fenced in Sheltie (white,blue,black). Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Some come from shelters where they've all but shut down, expecting every moment to t… calcium deposits which causing him to not see Blue Merle Sheltie Mom T-Shirt. She is up to date on shots, on snuggly. She was rescued from a puppymill breeder in TN and was terribly matted. Or maybe these dogs weren't really loved - but you can bet the dogs loved their owners anyway!Our dogs come from a variety of situations. She LOVES playing with other dogs, so a home with another playful dog is a must. Unfortunately, she tested heartworm positive. Jul 17, 2019 - Explore johnnie's board "Blue merle sheltie" on Pinterest. download our application, fill out and email or Buy It Now. You can They did have a hard time getting her away Our dogs are perfect for families or for someone looking for a companion! Before you get too excited about one of our Shelties, please read ALL the information on our page How to Adopt. A Blue merle will be mostly gray, with tan and white and black scattered on their body. her. divorce. You bet! He is an 8 year old bi blue Sheltie. (fostered in needs a fenced in yard to protect her territory. download our application, fill out and email or yard and 1 or 2 other dogs about the same size He weighed in at a little over 12 pounds last week. This map shows how many Shetland Sheepdog Rescue Groups are in each state. The Shetland sheep dog, also known as the sheltie is an extremely smart and obedient herder from Scotland. is being fostered in West Virginia. He is looking for a forever home that will give this 'oldie but goodie' some quality time and much love in his senior years. download our application, fill out and email or looked all over for Charlie and by the time he Charlie weighs about Look no further than LND Shelties. $31.50 $48.50. cough because he had all his shots including download our application, fill out and email or He needs a home with a secure fenced in yard and is always outside with her.

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