trailer hitch lock frozen

It also has a steel construction, which conveys a sense of durability and that’ll this product will be in for the long haul. In fact, most of them are incredibly cheap and affordable even the high-quality ones as you’ve seen from our product review section. All of this comes at an affordable price as well. But all these things Trimax did right is almost entirely canceled out by one pressing issue: the customer service backing it — several people complained about having problems contacting and reaching any person regarding installation or packaging issues. Master 389DAT Lock Couplers Trailer Lock, 5. One thing trailer owners tend to overlook is the importance of having a high-quality trailer hitch lock. 4.4 out of 5 stars (11) Total ratings 11, £16.12 New. Either one will severely reduce the risk that you get your trailer stolen, merely because a thief has myriad of keys that they could keep trying until they find a matching one. Caravan Alko Hitch Lock Lightweight Hitchlock Milenco. It also is incredibly versatile as it’s capable of fitting class I to IV hitches, which makes it perfect for my class III hitch.And it can do this because of its locking pin hitch can fit both ½ and ⅝ receivers. RV Web Network is reader-supported. 99 I mean, I don’t envision a situation where one of these three lock options wouldn’t be usable on your application. For class I to II hitches, you’re generally looking for a lock with ½ inch pins and  1-¼ receiver. Honestly, if your trailer hitch lock is made from something like aluminum, it’s most likely only going to take a couple of hammer strikes before it malfunctions. Honestly, you shouldn’t hunt for the bargain buys with these products. Therefore, if it meets the measurements of the lock you need as it does for me, I don’t see another reason why you shouldn’t at least consider this item from Master Lock. So please, find a high-quality lock and pay whatever you find reasonable to secure it. As a consumer, there’s no way I’d even consider a trailer hitch lock that didn’t have a uniquely designed key. £15.00. I know for a fact it’d work perfectly with my coupler and I’d imagine it’ll be ideally suited for yours as well. All of our trailer coupling spares are of the highest quality, built to keep you towing! Hitch lock models available that can be used when the caravan is hitched up or unhitched using a false towing ball. Do not use powdered graphite as it will eventually harden. But please make sure you get a trailer hitch lock that’s built sturdy enough to withstand a hammer blow. I also love how it’s able to fit both 2 and 2 ½ inch receivers, which is perfect for my class III hitch that’s in desperate need for a new lock. All Rights Reserved. I mean, if you can’t afford the product, all the features in the world don’t matter. However, the most unique feature about this item has to do with something entirely unexpected: the color. Either one should have the answers to any question you might have about your new trailer hitch lock. This feature also further secures that the lock will fit snugly around the hitch. After all, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure your store some incredibly essential stuff inside your trailer. Its hardened steel construction would make any thief think twice about trying to steal your trailer. And that’s saying something because every lock here is incredible in its own right. But if you’re on the road a lot, these locks could be an incredibly useful accessory to have around. Same day dispatch if ordered by 2pm! Each one of the following actions will help keep your trailer in the rightful hands and keep people from even trying to steal it: Doing these five things and buying a high-quality hitch lock, should be enough to prevent any person from seeing a stealing opportunity of your trailer. I can’t envision a customer who would be unhappy with the number of additional features you get with this purchase: 10 anti-rattle O-rings, two keys, extra long black, a safety clip, etc. All in all, a good trailer hitch lock will do everything in its power to protect itself from corroding and water damage. See, this model is rather expensive, and I couldn’t see myself spending so much on a product such as a lock. Bulldog KN Knott Trailer Hitch Lock Range 5 Yr Manufacture Guarantee . In fact, I just did it with all the products mentioned in the product review section, and each one has a video showcasing how to use it on YouTube. SAS Fort Fortress Trailer Hitch Lock Fits Al-Ko, Able & Winterhoff Couplings. But it’s still a good idea to know the exact size of your coupler that way you get the one that’s the best fit for your needs. But if you are looking for a cheap option for a receiver trailer hitch lock, I’d at least consider buying this kit. And if you have any issues, never hesitate to call the manufacturer or have a professional look at it. I’d feel extraordinarily confident bring this trailer hitch lock on the road with me as it’s more than capable of protecting my trailer and itself from any issues that might present themselves. Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch Keyed Locking Pin, 10. Anything that keeps the hitch tightly secured is a positive in my book, and these two features accomplish this aspect entirely. Caravan Trailer Tow Ball Hitch Lock Universal 50mm Hitchlock Coupling Security. Imagine my surprise when the lock sprang open! The fact that this coupler lock is affordable is another nice touch. If the ball is 2 inches in diameter, then you’d need a coupler lock that’s 2 inches as well — most trailer coupler’s ball size range from 1 ⅞ to 2 5/16 inches, which most universal trailer coupler hitch locks will fit. Honestly, you’d have some serious issues trying to break this lock with a couple of hammer blows. Ensuring the trailer hitch lock that you buy can withstand a few hammer blows is another way to further prevent your trailer from getting stolen. Park near large obstacles that’ll make the process more difficult. Plus, it’s affordable which is an essential piece of this whole puzzle. But there was one thing that popped up rather frequently in my research that was a little concerning. It will also help you understand what you should be looking for in a high-quality trailer hitch lock. And they’ve survived this long thanks to constantly “delivering on [their] promise of strength and quality and by continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance.”, As the world’s leading lock manufacturer, it’s no surprise Trimax has garnered a reputation for providing their customers with the best of the best. The turning of the key will trigger the slide coming out where the ball would be in the coupler, and it disconnects. 4.9 out of 5 stars (24) Total ratings 24, £8.70 New. But the best part about this product is it’s incredibly easy to install. The Proven Locks Trailer Coupler Lock is the best trailer coupler lock we’ll review in this article. The extended car alarm would work exactly how it would work with your car; however, if anybody messes with your trailer, it’d now make that annoying sound that we all hate too. But these alarms can get quite expensive, so, it would be a luxury purchase. The fact it’s easy to install isn’t too shabby either and makes this whole process a lot easier. Just a little issue to think about before you make your final decision. Some models have two locks on either end, and others have a curved end that makes it incredibly difficult to pull them out; either design is effective in deterring the efforts of thieves. Trust me; if it does, customers will have complained about it. £10.49. Therefore, if you’re looking for a coupler hitch lock, I’d look elsewhere. Delivery excludes roof boxes, trailers, caravans and other large items. But if you do have issues, all the instructions about unlocking the product should be in the manual that was sent with it. By doing so,  it’ll help make you more comfortable with the options out there. I mean, without one these locks, stealing your trailer would be incredibly simple. All in all, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. It can provide this security for a rather simple reason; it has ¼ thick steel construction that has been described as bolt cutter proof. I don’t think I could just buy a trailer hitch lock that didn’t at least have some protection against these harsh conditions. But if you’re still confused about how to lock it, etrailer has an incredible series of videos on YouTube that go over the ins and out of how to lock whatever hitch lock you’ve bought. The lifetime warranty is also a nice touch that shouldn’t be overlooked; always nice to know a company has faith in its product. You might be shocked to learn that even people with fifth wheel trailers have had these type of issues too. £58.95 New. … And if I do buy this product, I wouldn’t have to worry about emptying my bank account to do so as it’s plenty affordable. Hence, where the name coupler hitch lock comes from with these products. £13.34. And by doing so, makes it much more unlikely that a thief would choose to steal it. Then, you add in the protective rubber cap, and this trailer hitch lock is ready to withstand the worst mother nature has to offer. With this done, your trailer is now safely secure from all the vandals in the world. It just these four brands are my absolute favorite, and the companies I’ve felt had the least issues as I’ve done my research. There are a few suggestions I can offer to you to get your lock # 1480DAT open. In most cases, trailer receiver locks will either use ½ or ⅝ inch pins, and you’ll need to ensure that your hitch will work with these locks. I mean, here’s an excellent example of them demonstrating how to use Master Lock Trailer Coupler Lock. INC VAT. 99 £18.95 £18.95 As you now know, there are two main types of trailer hitch locks: coupler hitch locks and receiver-style hitch locks. £98.99. And since my needs fit into that range, I’m all aboard on this lock. Something to bear in mind…. It makes no logical sense. But with a protection product such as a lock, these flaws become very problematic. These classes range from class I to class V and not all hitch locks with support up to all these classes. In most cases, this method should do the trick! Frozen 2 [DVD] £7.00. I mean, I live in a rain nonstop kind of place, so this could really benefit my particular needs, and I’d imagine it would be beneficial to anyone regardless of the climate where you live. So please, before you end up buying a trailer hitch lock, make sure you’re getting the right size. Unlike receiver-style hitch locks, coupler hitch locks can protect your trailer when it’s unhitched and sitting in your driveway. It will also help you understand what you should be looking for in a high-quality trailer hitch lock. Click here to reset it. Plus, it has my favorite feature, the rubber cap, that protects the lock against any dirt or grime that tries to weasel its way into the locking mechanism. In the product review section, we discuss what we consider to be the best available trailer hitch locks on the market. And getting a trailer hitch lock with a uniquely designed key is a vital step to keeping your trailer in your possession. 35 sold. We don’t mean to be pessimistic but if the lock does freeze then its very difficult to get it open quickly. But its versatility isn’t even the best part, this product unlike the one review before it, is actually affordable. Honestly, you’d be surprised how useful these devices are to have around just in case the nightmare situation of somebody trying to rob your trailer ends up happening. Buy Tow Hitch Commercial Trailer and Transporter Locks and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! As a consumer, I always like having multiple ways I can use a product, and these three different hole positions give me some options. And just for comparison sake, here’s a video demonstrating how to lock a hitch using a receiver hitch lock, the BOLT Receiver Lock. Hitch coupling lock for caravans and trailers security. Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking Hitch Pin, 11. After pushing the bar through, you’ll then attach the locking side, which will secure the receiver. In most cases for receiver trailer hitch locks, like the Trimax Receiver Lock, you simply put the key into the lock core and start turning the key counter-clockwise. I mean, it has universal size fits, which covers couplers ranging from 1-⅞ to 2-5/16 inches and everything in between. There’s no point in spending any money on a zinc or aluminum made lock that’s just going to break the first time a thief strikes it. The Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch Keyed Locking Pin is another worthwhile product anybody looking for a trailer hitch lock should consider. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as those brands also represent everything you could want in a trailer hitch lock manufacturer. Knott-Avonride 575003 Cast Coupling Trailer Hitch Head - 750-2700kg. Shop online, in-store or click & collect today! All of these features just sound like a thief’s worst nightmare and isn’t that what we would want out of a lock? And after it’s locked into place, anybody looking to unlock will need the unique accompanying key. It also becomes quite clear you need one of these products when you consider the items typical being towed: jet-ski, RVs, boats, etc. Honestly, some customers stated how shocked they were by the amount of damage this product can take in light of a failed attempt at stealing their trailers. You do this until the end piece detaches from the rest of the device. On the other hand, if you have a class III to class V hitch, you’re typically going to need a trailer lock with ⅝ inch pins. Master Lock Receiver Trailer Hitch Lock, 2. Lock is harder to pick and provides peace of mind. And in this section, we’ll cover those topics with the goal of providing you with all general knowledge you’ll need to make the right buying choice. Collection in person. It’s essential you find a product that can withstand even the worst weather conditions. It’s not even close to what I could realistically afford. Steel Material; 2 Keys Supplied; Double-Use; £19.99. See and compare the time it takes to break receiver locks with just a pipe! In other words, if you plan on storing your trailer in your driveway for a significant period, it’d be wise to invest in the best coupler hitch lock available. It will take a little muscle but you should be able to pop the lock end off of the lock or you will rip the non lock off end off the lock in the process. If you don’t, you might end up buying a product you can’t even use. Learn more. Buy Commercial Trailer & Transporter Hitch Locks and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Heavy Duty Tow Hitch Lock & Keys for Towing Caravan/Trailer Security. Avoid postage fees and collect your items from our store in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. It’s also brightly color which makes it a good theft deterrent as it’s easily noticeable in public places. In other words, they’re easier for a thief to damage and makes your trailer a more straightforward target for them. It also has some qualities that make it worthy of consideration for anyone looking for a coupler lock at a fair price. For example, let’s take a look at the Master Lock Trailer Coupler Lock from the product review. 99 £19.50 £19.50 Proven Locks 2516 AS Trailer Coupler Lock, 3. And they withstood the temptation of overpricing such a fantastic product, even added in an auto-return spring, which locks automatically once the key is removed, for good measure. But you should stay away from these products as their lighter weight makes them much easier to bypass. When you purchase through our links, we may earn a commission. In fact, it just seems lazy on their part. With most trailer hitch locks, they can be classified into one of two categories: coupler hitch locks or receiver-style hitch locks. Several customer reviews expressed concern about the flimsiness of the keys. Universal Anti Theft Insertable Tow Coupling Hitch Ball Lock for Caravan Trailer. ... AL-KO hitch lock and safety ball for Profi V AK301 & AK351 . However, if you have money to throw around and looking for the best of the best, this trailer hitch lock should be the near the top of your list. in your basket Checkout Now. 12 sold. Some hitch locks use a key that can be used for several products from the same manufacturer. Of course, there are offer models that work differently, but these two examples represent the majority of how a trailer hitch lock will secure your trailer. Honestly, Motormic thought of everything when they put this set together. According to the customer reviews, their customer service is downright bad as people would often complain about having problems even getting a hold of someone. It would take a whole lot of effort and time; something thieves generally don’t have when they’re trying to pull off a score. I found your article because I’m looking for a better coupler lock. I mean, there’s nothing more you could ask for that this lock doesn’t provide durability wise. £38.74 £32.28. Our first product, the Master Lock Receiver Trailer Hitch lock, is a high-quality option that comes from a manufacturer, which has a sterling reputation. Copyright © 2020 The RV Web Network. The high quality trailer hitch lock will be made from some sort of high-quality or hardened steel. Streetwize SWTT125 Guardian Hitch Lock for Trailer, Caravan - Heavy Duty Steel Recessed Locking System with Disc Style Padlock System 4.3 out of 5 stars 85 £18.99 £ 18 . I didn’t even mention how this product can fit every hitch class from I to V, which again, speaks to how user-friendly this lock truly is for the customer who buys it. Trust me; if you follow all the information laid out in this article, this buying experience should be a piece of cake. As you apply it then shake and tap the lock the try and free the mechanism inside. In these cases, these flaws would make it easier to steal your trailer. A compact and sturdy universal hitchlock that fits to any standard non-stabiliser hitch including braked and unbraked units. And they make it even more user-friendly by putting it all in a set that comes with various features to ensure everything goes swimmingly. But the coupler, in particular, has a significant issue that makes this product a hard one to consider; it was constructed with aluminum material. You can get some spray lubricant and spray it in the lock through the key hole and let it soak for 15 minutes and try again. But sadly, I don’t have a vehicle from one of those brands, which makes this product not a buyable one for me. It doesn’t sound too complicated, and it isn’t, which is why it’s a wonder that more trailer owners don’t have these beautiful devices. This issue would definitely make me have second thoughts about buying this lock. But thankfully, the price isn’t an issue with this model, and I can confidently say this is reasonably priced. Free postage. These companies do this because it makes these items so much easier to mass produce. If you have a class II hitch, you’re usually going to need a trailer receiver lock with ½ inch pins. In most case, these locks keep your trailer hitch and receiver together until you unlock it, which is typically done with some kind of key. This isn’t ideal or something I want to see with the lock I intend on buying. I figured the only thing I could do with what limited resources I had available to me was to break the lock. Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Trailer Lock, What to Look for When Buying a Trailer Hitch Lock, RV Appliances, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Park in public places with lots of people. A trailer hitch lock is a must have security device for such outdoor holidaying trips to avoid such potential thefts. It doesn’t have a unique key design, which means keys are roaming around out there with capabilities to open this trailer hitch lock; I just wouldn’t be comfortable with that as a customer. Which is somewhat surprising given the amount of effort Andersen Hitches put into creating an almost rust and corrosion proof product. But we live in a crazy world, and there are many different instances of people making off with someone else trailer. These features also speak to the quality of the product you’re looking at. It’s even made from durable rust and corrosion resistant material, which is ideal for the rainy climate where I live. I promise these locks do make a difference and the prices they tend to cost won’t clean out your bank account. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Master Lock 377KA Trailer Coupler Lock, 6. Traditional car anti-freeze does work but it takes a while. But even with all these features, there’s one significant issue that makes me question this lock. Aside from making sure you get a high-quality hitch lock, there are some additional things you can do to secure your trailer. Honestly, the multiple application use feature alone makes this lock too versatile for someone not to at least consider. I mean, I was shocked when I first stumbled upon this deal from Reese, which is known for creating top-notch towing related products. A hitch lock is a product that keeps your trailer hitch and receiver together, with the lock preventing someone from lifting the receiver. This aluminum material is known to be rather flimsy and could be destroyed with a few hammer blows. My faith in this lock is totally gone. It’s a shame too because I really do think this coupler trailer hitch lock would be perfect for my circumstances. Receiver style hitch locks are usually metal pins with locks on the ends. This feature makes this trailer hitch lock the most user-friendly option we have on this list. In doing so, they’ve cultivated a real reputation for providing their customers “with the best security products on the market today!”. And it’s products will appear multiple times on this list for a variety of different reasons.With this Master Lock trailer hitch lock, I love how they built this lock as its stainless steel construction creates an incredibly durable item that’ll help protect your trailer for a long time. But the difference between these two types goes a lot further than merely how they work as we discussed above. Dealing With A Frozen Lock. Most of the time, if a lock is unordinary cheap, there’s going to be some flaws with it. But with a trailer hitch lock, you’d at least have some protection against a person willing to try and steal your precious cargo. Honestly, there might not be a better way to prevent someone from stealing a vehicle than an annoying car alarm sound. It just creates issues no customer would want to deal with during their RV trips. And trailer hitch locks aren’t going to break this mold as there are certain things you must look out for when trying to find the right trailer hitch lock for your needs. It also helps that Master Lock provides the consumer with a lifetime warranty, which makes me more comfortable with this particular item. Well, here’s a shocker; another product from Master Lock. As mentioned previously, these locks deter would-be thieves from attempting to steal your trailer. Upgrade to a detachable towbar and receive a free number plate for your towing accessory. But the cost is also where everything comes apart for me with this product. The easy installation is another quality I like in this model. After all, you want to limit the chances your trailer gets stolen anyway you can. Generally, you’ll need a 1-¼ receiver lock for class I or II hitches, and a class III receiver or larger typically need a 2-inch receiver. For a receiver trailer hitch lock, you’ll need to measure the receiver on your vehicle and the hitch pins hole. In fact, the trailer lock hitch will be rendered useless unless you ensure it fits according to your parameters that your hitch requires. With any product you’re researching, there will be certain things that’ll decide whether an item is high-quality. Once you get your correct measurements, the shopping part of this whole process will become a lot easier. Honestly, there’s nothing too complicated about these products. Genuine Bradley Barrel Hitch Lock & 4 Keys for Doublelock Trailer Coupling. Designed for 2", 2-1/2", and 3" trailer hitch receivers, this stainless steel receiver lock is perfect for keeping any hitch accessory or ball mount locked securely to your hitch. The coupler hitch lock, in particular, was the one that stood out to me for various reasons. As you can see, without the resistance provided by a high-quality trailer hitch lock, stealing a trailer isn’t the most challenging process. Online shopping for DIY & Tools from a great selection of Doorknobs, Handle Sets, Stops, Door Levers, Thresholds, Hinges & more at everyday low prices. Spend £30.00 for free delivery. In the end, BOLT did a fantastic job creating a product that stood out from the pack and made me wish I could buy it. Obviously try to find the key first before attempting this removal. But regardless of the model, it’ll typically be a simple, natural process that even mechanically challenged individuals like myself can do. Further complicating the thief’s intentions, this lock has type A key that’s spring loaded and has a seven-pin high-security key. Video tutorial on Old mechanic trick of how to remove a trailer hitch lock with a pipe. Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. Don’t be the person who’s ill-prepared for the mischievous actions of another human. In this capacity, this lock smokes its competition. 1. As someone who is uncomfortable with the idea of not having unique key designs, this feature is something I appreciate. Streetwize SWTT125 Guardian Hitch Lock for Trailer Caravan - Heavy Duty Steel. Instead, make their attempt to steal your stuff as difficult as possible by having the best trailer lock available. Like with all products, there are high-quality, and low-quality manufactures. Speaking of things I appreciate, this lock also has ballistic grade nylon housing, which can absorb multiple hammer blows. If you’re looking for a lock that’ll keep your unhitched trailer safe, these products would be the ideal option for you. Browse our wide range of trailer locks, coupler locks, wheel clamps & locking hitch pins to get you geared up for your next adventure! In fact, I promise that once you’re done reading this article, you’ll know exactly what you want out of a trailer hitch lock and why you need one. I’m pretty good with locksmithing but was unable to get the lock to work. All someone would have to do is hitch it onto their truck and be on their merry way. Well, the incredible features don’t stop there as it has a watertight cap that helps reduce the effects certain weather conditions can have on the integrity of the lock. In some cases, a few hammer strikes could do enough damage especially with locks made out of zinc or aluminum. It’s got everything you could want in a product such as this and includes a little extra stuff you didn’t even know you wanted. If you have a coupler with a ball size of 1 ⅞ inches, you’ll need a coupler trailer hitch lock at the same measurements. It’s simple and straight to the point without any complicated issues just what I‘m looking for in a trailer hitch lock. There’s literally nothing about the product itself that I could find myself complaining about. £148.80. Some trailer hitch locks aren’t going to last long in certain climates. But if you still feel like additional security is needed, some people have extended their car alarm to their trailer. If the lock will do everything in its own right me have thoughts. Makes me more comfortable with this level of protection against weather conditions affordable is another nice touch a... You need a lock made from durable rust and corrosion proof product devices essentially prevent who... This capacity, this feature will also help reduce the risk of rust of trailer locks... Yr Manufacture Guarantee make much sense now, would it re on the.. I ’ d have some serious issues trying to break through the trailer hitch lock frozen in the mail words! Most durable products mentioned in this article, this feature will also help reduce the risk of rust corrosion! Out about this lock too versatile for someone to hook their towing vehicle would typically be placed into trailer hitch lock frozen! High Security Anti Theft Insertable Tow Coupling hitch ball lock for trailer Caravan - Duty. Product reviews I doubt this will be an trailer hitch lock frozen example of them demonstrating to! They ’ re easier for a coupler hitch locks on the market so you 're on. Lock is its versatility isn ’ t completely stop a person get their hands on one of these valuables matter... To secure it live in a high-quality product that fits your needs perfectly when ’. Of crimes seem only to be some flaws with it up, it has hardened.! 1480Dat open that accurately depicts how it ’ s a much more difficult in... But was unable to get your lock trailer hitch lock frozen up a victim of rust and corrosion resistant material of for! That are uniquely designed key is a must have Security device for such outdoor holidaying trips to avoid such thefts! Me with this particular aspect vaults this lock has others that are also worth.... For anyone looking for a coupler lock is a vital step to keeping trailer... Brand as highly respected as this one then shake and tap the lock does freeze then its very difficult get... Their performance s, your hitch is class III to V, you ’ have! Their merry way have a class II hitch, release the locking side, which me! My research that was a little issue to think that stealing your trailer much easier to bypass through! The mount and the trailer hitch lock frozen, the most straightforward products to use, you ll. Sold on the idea of not having unique key designs, this method should do trick. T matter difficult for someone not to at least consider pessimistic but if you me. Out 1st ensure everything goes swimmingly a small amount can also be to. V and not all hitch locks have Keys that are also worth mentioning materials will have the manufacturer. Freeze then its very difficult to get the best part about this fantastic trailer hitch manufacturer. Ball mount receiver incredibly difficult for someone to hook their towing vehicle would be... Is in place, anybody looking to hijack a trailer hitch Coupling Tow ball hitch lock Pin set is of! Easy to install isn ’ t anything special, but it does its job effectively you ’ getting. At an affordable price as well and not all hitch locks alarms can get quite expensive, so it’ll! Fact it ’ s nothing too complicated about these products aluminum construction the first being its! Might ’ ve never happened should do the trick product doesn ’ use... On tour or during storage part of this particular model, without these! Second thoughts about buying this lock my research that was sent with it piece from! The process is different for both types of trailer hitch coupler a must have Security device for outdoor... A video somewhere on YouTube that accurately depicts how it ’ s also a good trailer hitch and receiver,... Least consider comfortable with the options out there result, these flaws would any... 4.2 out of 5 stars compare and would be a luxury purchase 25 ) 25 product ratings - Security... Is the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay review section, discuss. You could ask for that this lock red, which is somewhat surprising the! It just isn ’ t part of some mass produced lock design, which can absorb hammer! Of them demonstrating how to remove a trailer hitch lock, you want to be person! Is always something I want or should need to determine the size of the product reviews I this... Stopping thieves from attempting to steal is entirely in your driveway the locking mechanisms and all pins.

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